Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fresh Start

Listening to: The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Welcome to the new blog. I thought I was ready for a change. Making new posts on my other blog would have just been kind of sad. I neglected it for so long, and I didn't like the name that much anyways. And now that it is summer I have more free time to do more posts.
To start of this blog I put together a few cute outfits that I would wear to express my style. And to show what I has been catching my eye lately.

I love these dresses from AA. They practically define versatile. You can wear a shirt over it to make it look like a skirt, you can tuck it in so then it looks like a shirt, you can wear it with tights in the winter and fall, you can dress it up, dress it down. It is the wonder women of dresses, Wonder Dress! And here it is obviously a casual look, yet very stylish. I used lots of accessories, so I used a neutral nail polish. I don't like wearing dark shades in the summer anyways.

Dress: American Apparel, Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Gladiator Sandals: Old Navy, Ring: UO, Sunglasses: UO, Bangles: Forever 21, Nail Polish: OPI in Makes Men Blush.

This is also a very casual look. I put together very neutral shades, but then had a pop of neon mixed in with the scarf. That is the key piece of the outfit I think. I'm digging neon right now. And of course gladiators.

Tee Shirt: UO, Scarf: AA, Gladiators: UO, Shorts: Old Navy, Rings:
Forever 21, Bag: UO, Nail Polish: OPI in Time-Less is More.

This is my favorite outfit of all these. The Luella inspired (or you could say knock off) batman tee shirt. The cropped blue blazer. The floral skirt. The neon nail polish. The zipper detailed heels. Those are all key trends this spring/summer. But of course they still mix well together.

Blazer: Net-A-Porter, Tee Shirt: Delias, Sunglasses: UO, Skirt:
Forever 21, Heels: Net-A-Porter, Nail Polish: OPI in ElePhantastic Pink.

I loved the Givenchy gladiators. If only I could actually afford these. But to pretend, I would probably wear the to red carpet event or a fancy cocktail party (still pretending, sadly). I had to pick a fairly simple dress, I didn't want to make the it look to "dominatrix." So I went for a simple purple frock. The spiritual necklace is a nice touch to make the look toned down. I would have rather found a deep green clutch, but no luck there. I settled with this cute, gold, sparkly one. And no nail polish, I thought it would be too much.

Dress: Net-A-Porter, Necklace: UO, Gladiators: Shopbop, Clutch: Net-A-Porter.

The inspiration for this outfit was Alexa Chung, the striped shirt and bird necklace. Since the weather is hot I instead went for the shorts. And added some cute gladiator heels, a bag, and coral nail polish. Coral is also another great color to wear for summer.

Tee Shirt: AA, Shorts: Delias, Necklace: Forever 21, Bag: UO, Shoes: UO, Nail Polish: OPI in Modern-Girl.

On another note. Last month on the 13th I did the most amazing thing. The Nylon Summer Music Tour came to Kansas City. And how could I pass up such an opportunity? I mean Be Your Own Pet, Switchs, The Virgins (!), and She Wants Revenge was playing. And let me just say, it was freakin' fantastic! They were all really good. And I have never heard of Be Your Own Pet before. I listened to some of there music before I went so then I would know who all I would be seeing that night. The music was pretty good. But when I saw them live, they just had so much energy. It was phenomenal. And Cory Kennedy was on tour with them, she is blogging about the tour. I remember I was up by the stage dancing along to the Virgins playing (the lead singer is just lovely) and I turn around and she is right behind me with Jeremy Scott! Of course they were together though, their like best friends. The sad thing about all of this is that I had taken pictures of the evening on my phone. And I lost my phone! At least I got a shiny new pink razor, it's at least an upgrade from a old uber crappy phone. Anyways enough of my gushing.