Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008!

Listening to: The Velvet Underground - Heroin (it's my favorite to dance to)
Party hard everyone! It's new years eve!

Talk to you all next year :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a good day :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where does all the money go, where does all the money go...straight, straight up her nose

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Net-a-Porter's stylists are the shizzle. I would so wear any of these outfits. (click on image to make it larger)

If I could only own one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be these. I don't care how inappropriate they would be at grandmothers birthday party. Haha. Shoes from Bakers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

All the Greatness that is Vouge UK

I really enjoyed this months issue of Vogue UK. They are definitely bringing in the New Year in a spectacular way. All of the editorials or so brilliantly done.

(photos via
Cate Blanchett is one of the most stunning woman in Hollywood. She exudes such elegance and beauty. She is very versatile she so is natural, almost shy and descrete. Yet she is impossible to over look.
This editorial was shot by Tim Walker. I really love him ability to create such imaginative and slightly absurd scenes of a dreamlike quality. And of course shooting Tim Burton and the lovely Helena Carter was the perfect mix. I was very excited to hear that Burton is doing a version of Alice in Wonderland. It will be great to see what is going do with that story.

I thought this editorial was brilliant because they used a lot of clothing from older seasons. Even if they are too drastic to wear for everyday or anyday, they still reflect 2009 very well. It's not about having the latest clothing and everything anymore. It's about taking what you already own and making it into something new, by buying only a few new key pieces each season.

Oh and the most exciting news. Aaron Rose's character is no longer going to be on Gossip Girl. Thank god for that. He was such an icky manipulative hipster douche bag.

The funniest comment from that article:

"My guess? Serena catches him making out with some equally too-goodlooking-for-him South American girl, and when he responds by blaming it all on her ("Are you mad at me? Or are you mad at *Dan*?") he actually chokes to death on his own bullshit."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jeffrey Campbell you make me melt

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Today is a wonderful day. It been snowing all day. And they called off school. So I get to stay home all day and admire my christmas tree we just put up.

But do you know what else is wonderful? Jeffrey Campbell shoes...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Since I was away..

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I haven't blogged since before I even started the school year, which is crazy. I've missed you guys. And since I have been gone so long this post shall be about "Things that have happened since I've been gone.

1. Barack Obama became our President Elect. I went to one of his rally's before the election.

2. There has been 12 episodes of Gossip Girl.

3. Thanksgiving has already past.

4. We had Spring/Summer '09 Fashion Week.

5. The Strokes had there 10th anniversary. And they are reportedly working on a new album!

6. Coco Rocha has been immortalized.

7. So has Kate Moss, in a much more expensive way.

8. Due to the economy there has been sales everywhere. (picture from

9. There is going to be a Anna Wintour documentary shown at Sundance called The September Issue.
10. Rachel Zoe showcased a reality show. Which I must admit was not so bad.

11. This months issue of Vogue UK is the shit.
12. Amanda moved in with Betty.

13. Beyonce wore Gareth Pugh! No one wears Gareth Pugh. Wearing Gareth is like wearing art. This is totally awesome.
14. Britney Spears wore Rodarte? Only Keira wears Rodarte, but more people should. I give Britney Kudos, or at least her stylist anyways.

15. A ridiculous rumor came out about Carine Roitfeld taking over American Vogue. That would be totally awsome but it would make Vogue Paris a little less special in a way.

16. I finally knew one of those fashion trivia things on (I'm guest #5)

17. My brother and I decided that Morgan Freeman is God and my dad and I decided that Keith Richards is Jesus. It's a long story...haha.

18. Karl Lagerfeld directed a Silent Film about Coco Chanel. Starring Edita Vilkeviciute as Coco Chanel and Brad Kroenig as her lover. Edita is definitely one of a my "model crushes of the moment."

19. Kate Moss might be preggers.

20. Karl Lagerfeld presented Britney Spears an award.

21. Luella Bartley won best fashion disigner of the year Jourdan Dunn won best model at the British Fashion Awards.

22. Lily Donaldson and Coco Rocha had a baby together.

23. Proenza Schouler handbags! I truely love those guys.

24. Matthew Williamson for H&M!

25. Adam Green has a new single.

26. I discovered Major syle insperation that showcases people from all over the world.

27. I bought a vintage Christian Dior jacket!! Pictures soon.

It's kind of a large list, which makes sense since I've I haven't blogged for so long. I had fun with this. I'm totally glad I'm back.